Medical Waste Bags

High-performing bags can be made to your exacting specifications: HDPE or LDPE Lab bags, varying thicknesses, different film colors (red, blue, yellow, orange, etc.). Custom printed Bags are perfect for medical institutions or laboratories with a bilingual or multi-lingual needs. Helps create a safer disposal method and eliminate leakage problems. You can choose from multiple closure options, such as a plain drawstring, a lip and tape style adhesive, or the versatile tear off poly tape that you can use to tie the bag securely shut. Medical waste bags usually have a white block area that will accept pen or marker inks, and they can be labeled for chain-of-custody tracking. Custom sizes and printing is available.

Common Uses

Medical Waste Management and Disposal Bags, Specimen Gags, Medical Sample Transportation Bags, and much more.

Technical Specifications

Dimension Gauge Custom Print Air Holes Vent Holes
Hang Hole Die-cut Handle Zipper Band High/Low Slip Header
UV Treated Laminated Perforation

Types of material

LLDPE (Virgin) LLDPE (Recycled) LLDPE (Tinted Blue) HDPE POLYPRO
POLYPRO (CAST) LLDPE CoExtrusion Shrink Film Biodegradable Film Compostable Film

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