JUNISE Plastics is a Canadian company established in 1982 in the province of Quebec. JUNISE is a manufacturer of polyethylene/polypropylene films & bags, printed or non-printed, all sizes and thicknesses are available. We are also master distributors of all packaging products and equipment (tape, pallet wrap, cardboard boxes, etc.). Our extensive line of products enables us to satisfy all your shipping, handling and packaging needs.

The house specialty is the fabrication of custom poly films & bags for packaging. Our manufacturing facility and warehouse occupy over 90,000 sqft², and with its more than a dozen bag machines and precision DEACRO slitting equipment, JUNISE is equipped to manufacture any bag to your specifications. We have 4 Central Impression flexographic presses for printing up to 10 color «flexo/process» capable of impressions up to 65” large. This gives us the ability to realize ANY and ALL printing options for your packaging.

We also offer the following services: graphic design & artwork services, preparation of printing plates, Process (photo) printing up to 10 colors, management of your inventories, copacking solutions and «Just On Time» deliveries; to help realize all of your projects, better accommodate your needs and avoid third-party delays.

Our extensive Line of Products

Our extensive line of products includes; bags for the food & produce industries, packagings for manufacturers and retailers, as well as packagings for product handling and safety.

• Die-cut» boutique bags
• Multi-purpose bags,
• Bags on rolls,
• Packaging films & tubing,
• Bags for the furniture industry,
• Texport & garment bags,
• Shirt bags,
• Plastic pound bags,
• Bags approved for use in Food preparation industry
• «Wicket» bags,
• Ziploc bags,
• Bags for the automotive industries
• Waste Disposal & Recycling Bags,
• And more…

* Many different stock sizes, in inventory at all times, are available in different dimensions, thicknesses and colors.

Our capabilities

• Loose Bags 2″ to 98″ Lay Flat Width
• Gusseted Bags Opening to 130″
• Gauges .0004 to .012
• Standard 3″ or 6″ I.D. Cores
• Roll Diameter 7″ to 24″
• All Colors and Opacity
• Printing up to 10 Colors
• Venting
• All Slip Levels
• Bags on Roll

Common Raw Materials
& Additives

• Virgin and Recycled Resins
• High Density
• Linear Low Density
• Laminated and Multi-Layered Films
• Polypropylene
• Co-Extruded Films
• High Clarity Films
• EVA, UVI, VCI & Anti-Static Additives

All Recyclable Bags

We pride ourselves on manufacturing here in Quebec. Our bags are all recyclable, and some of our products are manufactured using recycled materials. Other materials also available include: material made from virgin plastic (extra-clear), high & low density polyethylene, polypropylene, «anti-static» & «UV» treated materials, F.D.A. approved materials for the food & meat packing industries, and more. What’s more, we are pleased to offer a line of «ecological/degradable» materials, according to your needs.

Our products offer just the right balance between quality and price, and our company prides itself on providing excellent service. One way we achieve this is via our own transport trucks for delivery anywhere in the Greater Montreal area, which allows us to be very flexible with our delivery scheduling.

Provide Excellent Services

JUNISE has been providing excellent products and services for more than three decades to numerous clients in such varied industries as: food & beverage, clothing, furniture, electronics, automobile, and so much more.

We are pleased to have serviced the following committees for over ten (10) years: Approvisionnement Montréal, Approvisionnement Laval-Laurentides-Lanaudières, Montreal School Boards, the Combined Purchasing Committee of Montérégie, the Montreal Regional Hospitals, the City of Montreal, to name a few.