Poly Sheeting

Sheeting wound up as a single layer. Sheeting is measured width (in inches) x length (in feet) .This can also be ordered Perforated on Roll sheets. (POR) sheets (Measured width in inches by length in inches) Flat sheeting for wrapping, lining, or dividing layers. Custom sizes and printing is available. Ideal for automatic packaging lines (form/fill/seal).

Common Uses

Shrink Wrap, Promotional Materials, Top Sheets for Protecting Products, Flower Bouquet Wrap, Floor Protection Mats, and much more.


Technical Specifications

Dimension Gauge Custom Print Air Holes Vent Holes
Hang Hole Die-cut Handle Zipper Band High/Low Slip Header
UV Treated Laminated Perforation

Types of material

LLDPE (Virgin) LLDPE (Recycled) LLDPE (Tinted Blue) HDPE POLYPRO
POLYPRO (CAST) LLDPE CoExtrusion Shrink Film Biodegradable Film Compostable Film

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