Evidence & Tamper Proof Bags

Custom printed tamper evident collection bags are great for evidence collection, lost or left behind valuables, or anytime you need a tough, secure, sealed bag. Labeled for chain-of-custody tracking, as well. These evidence bags are not only limited to Chain of custody bags but Homicide evidence bags and any other type of tamper evident write on bag that you are in need of to keep things secure and well labeled. Tamper-Evident Write-On Evidence Bags have a white block area that will accept pen or marker inks.

Custom Printed closure system featuring in-line void tape for maximum exclusive tamper evidence and security. Tamper Evident Bank Deposit Bags are unmatched. Ideal for national retail customers, major financial institutions, armored cars services, etc.

Common Uses

Evidence Collection & Cataloguing Bags, Security Bags, Courier Bags, Bank Deposit Bags, Bags for Expedition, Sample Collection Bags, and much more.


Technical Specifications

Dimension Gauge Custom Print Air Holes Vent Holes
Hang Hole Die-cut Handle Zipper Band High/Low Slip Header
UV Treated Laminated Perforation

Types of material

LLDPE (Virgin) LLDPE (Recycled) LLDPE (Tinted Blue) HDPE POLYPRO
POLYPRO (CAST) LLDPE CoExtrusion Shrink Film Biodegradable Film Compostable Film

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